Thursday, October 13, 2005


The Americans are shooting for Diplomatic and Democratic concerted effort to show the World the aftermath of rescueing Iraq from a tyrant who is still signing away cheques and attesting swiss pins perhaps ,although by the time Tariq Aziz was pressed for the UNO Billion s he got in Oil for Food programme anyone could tell the Tens of Millions collection could stop as the War Criminal should be tried ? no? or is it 'Welcome great Saddam to Washington " maybe followed by a Nobel Prize if things are going to go thier way! A small shy bully Western Lobby with big dollar involvement ,Huh! Country Dollars are always big! and a few years ago King Abdullah of Saudi Arabia was escorting the Former Prime Minister of Pakistan who is one mainstream hero in the whole Overseas Banking and Credit Union affair . The World must be running on Banking then ,because Honda has to drive a City Car and CIA has to jump a City Bank , USA has to elect a Banker again and Pakistan his coordinate has to maintain a Prime Minister without a single political social reference or even a peer in parralel footing. Imagine! ah! im not applying that they are going to haha kill me ,its just a chestpain! im just worried about where are things going to go for the entire region where the Beauracrats are excited about The Emir of Qatars new financial position and a country which has begun a worship in the stock market? go check again! What time does the market open ? and what time will it close?the new ramazan lising!
But the Americans are shooting and this time they wrote a 'Constitution' or Laws of Moses? a Book of Abraham? a E Pluribus Unum! what is it? The Cristian Science Moniter says! The document itself is vague enough that its real value will be measurable only when it's put into practice. While it promises "federalism," the amount of autonomy that Iraqi regions will achieve for themselves is not yet entirely clear.
I simply say can all the states read it? are all the signatories literate ? a government after government is changing in Iraq but Buddahs new vegetarian diet isnt reaching the Feline Regiments ! could the debate over 'federalism ' pamper a civil war! is 75 Million Dollars enough security to be a one time US Backed Politician ?Ok! now get aside! let me try my hand against International Corruption!